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A fencing company can deliver safety, security, and comfort to a residential or commercial property through the provision of a high quality fence installation – and the affordability of local fence companies is greater than it’s ever been previously, so now is the perfect time to consider investing in such a service. If you’re looking to get a top quality fence at your property, there are a number of different styles and materials to consider, and choosing one largely depends on your circumstances. Whether you’re looking for a pet fence, privacy fence, or security fences, our fence company should be the number one choice for you.

About Us

Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria is the leading fence repair and fence installation service in the Alexandria, Virginia area, and we stand behind the quality of our provisions up against anything else available in the area. We’ve been faithfully serving our community for a number of years now, and throughout that time we’ve always placed their total satisfaction as our number one priority. That means we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure that they get the results that they’re looking for – no matter the circumstances. If you have any need for fence contractors either now or in the future, we hope you’ll go with our team.


We carry a wide array of fence and gate services to ensure that our customers are comprehensively covered by our contractors, and this has proved highly effective across our years of service. We have a wealth of experience in our ranks, which means we can adapt to circumstances on the fly, and this has broad applications in our industry. If you have a structural fault that needs fixing, or if you’re looking to get a fence installed across a large space, we have the resources and the will to get the work completed. If you’re not sure whether we’ll be able to assist you, our customer service team will be able to clear things up.

Vinyl Fence Installation

A vinyl fence represents a valuable and attractive fencing option for both domestic and commercial property owners. Vinyl doesn’t fade or become discolored, and it’s incredibly resistant to temperature changes, moisture infiltration, and general physical impacts – so it’s a very well-rounded material choice. It comes in a range of colors and structures, which makes it great for all sorts of circumstances.

Wood Fence

A wooden fence is a classic choice for the homeowners of the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Wooden fencing is obviously attractive and easily customizable, so if you want to change things up sometime after the initial installation, it’s not a difficult process. The upfront cost isn’t high, and these can be expected to last for 10 years or more so long as proper maintenance procedures are adhered to.

“Thanks to the team at Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria. I’m delighted with my new driveway gate. It looks brilliant, and the automatic opening mechanism is so impressive! Really great people who do an excellent job, I couldn’t ask for more!” – Sidney N.

Metal Fence

Metal fencing represents an excellent option for people who really value sturdy endurance above all else – and the additional security that you get with such an installation is second to none. Acting as both a major obstacle and an obvious deterrent, it’s unlikely that you’ll get any unwanted visitors if you decide to invest in such a fence. They come in a number of different metal varieties and structures, and whether you want an aluminum, steel, or chain link fence installation, we have you covered.

Commercial Fencing

A commercial property really needs to consider the installation of a fence for the betterment of both the site and the business. Commercial fences help to divert foot and vehicle traffic where you’d like it, and adds to the security of the property – which is sure to please both customers and staff. It also adds to the professional look of the property, which makes a positive first impression on visitors.

“Thanks to the amazing people at Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria I have a new wooden fence. The old rotten one is gone and this one looks so much better. I also didn’t have to pay a fortune to get the work done, which was an unexpected but welcome surprise.” – Charlie S.

Gate Installation

At our company, we’re capable of installing gates at your property to give it additional ease of access, as well as security, depending on what you’re looking for. Driveway gates and side gates are typical requests for us, but we’re equipped to handle any kind of gate installation you require. We can integrate modern features to ensure you get the best possible functionality and value from your new gate.

Fence Repair

If your fence has suffered from some kind of disrepair, it’s important that you take decisive action to get it fixed without any delay. A broken fence means your property is vulnerable, and that the security and safety of those in the property is severely diminished. We’re capable of restoring every kind of fence, and we’ll do so without any undue delays.

“An easy 10/10 for the team here from me. They were professional, friendly, and always happy to talk me through what was going on when they were installing my vinyl fence. This is an obvious choice for anybody who needs a fencing company – DEFINITELY recommended!” – Beau T.

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When you’re looking for a dependable and experienced fencing company in the Alexandria, Virginia area, there’s only one sensible option to go for – Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria. Speak to our customer service agents now for more information on the numerous services we offer, the prices you can expect to pay for those services, and the availability of our various teams. They’re reachable on our main telephone number during our normal working hours, but you can speak to them via our online contact form as well – with both accessible on our website. Get in touch with us now, and make the best possible decision for your property.