Gate Installation

At Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria, we’re highly experienced at providing fence installation services, but we also deliver incredible gate provisions too. Gates provide a number of benefits for properties that make them an obviously positive investment, and you might be surprised at how affordable and value packed having a gate installed by our contractors is. Below, you’ll find plenty more information on the gates that we have on offer, and just why these could have such a positive impact on you and your property. Read on below to find out more details, or speak to our customer service representatives if you’d like to make an appointment – we’re sure you won’t regret doing so.

Types of Gate

There are two main types of gate that we tend to install at the homes and businesses across the Alexandria, Virginia area – side gates and driveway gates. Side gates are used to gain access to a property for a pedestrian, and while they can be installed at the front of a property, it’s obviously possible to have them anywhere around the perimeter of the site. Driveway gates, as you’d expect, are used for vehicle access primarily, and are situated at a property’s driveway. Of course, we’re happy to install any kind of gate that you’d like – but these are certainly the two most common gate types we deal with at our fencing company. Additionally, our company offers commercial gate repair for the times when you need it.

Modern Features

Gates are more complex than they’ve ever been previously – and if you’re skimping on the modern features available these days, you’re missing out. With our electric gate installation services, you no longer have to leave your vehicle to push open your gate, now you can have it so the gate will automatically open as you approach the structure (either through the use of a remote or a sensor). This kind of ease of use simply wasn’t around years ago, and it’s another reason that there’s never been a better time to consider investing in a brand new gate.

Additional Security

As one of the leading driveway gate installation contractors, we know that a key benefit our customers want is to have greater control over who visits your property. A gate cannot be easily bypassed, and installing one won’t reduce the ease of access for you and your family. You can also integrate a video entry feature that allows you to see who’s approaching before granting them entry, which means no having to go out and check who it might be. It brings us real joy that we’re able to help bolster the safety and wellbeing of our customers by bringing additional security features to their properties.

Comprehensive Service

We can provide gate installation services as part of our wider fencing services in a comprehensive fashion. That means if you’re looking for a new fence installation but you want to install some gates as part of the process, you’ll only have to deal with one company. This is advantageous because it’s more straightforward and far less hassle, and it also tends to be cheaper – as is often the case when you’re only dealing with one commercial entity.