Vinyl Fence Installation

One of the most popular services in our ranks in recent years, our vinyl fence installation services are a great option for all sorts of properties. At Fencing Contractor Pros of Alexandria, we’re really experienced at delivering this particular offering to the homes and businesses of Alexandria, VA – and our customers have been absolutely delighted with the fencing installations that we’ve conjured up on their behalf previously. There are a number of qualities that set vinyl fencing apart as a standout performer in the space – a few of which you can read about just below. If you’re searching for a sturdy and attractive fencing option, this might just be what you’re looking for.

Tough Endurance

Fencing installations need to stand up to the elements all year round – they experience wind, rain, and even snow – so there’s a lot they need to be able to put up with. Vinyl fencing does an excellent job at handling these various pressures, and it has a number of practical qualities that make it an obvious choice for those that are worried about weather impacts. For one, on average, a vinyl fence installation is 5 times stronger than a wooden equivalent, which is no small difference. It also doesn’t absorb moisture, which means that it won’t rot, peel or split like some other materials might.

Low Maintenance

Generally speaking, people don’t enjoy the maintenance procedures that are necessary with some fence installations – it can be a hassle treating a large fence on a routine basis, after all. But you need not have any such concerns with a vinyl fence. They’re incredibly low maintenance, with only the most minimal upkeep required to keep them in peak condition. Vinyl retains its color even after being installed for years, so there won’t be any need to repaint or stain the surface. Just clean off muck and dirt that gets stuck on there by hosing it down every so often.

Style Options

While the most important aspect of any fence is surely the physical quality and reliability of it, there’s no doubting that the aesthetic performance of the installation is also of real significance. Our fencing company is proud to present a wide array of vinyl fencing options that make it easy to find something that suits your taste, as well as the needs of your property. Vinyl fences also come in a number of different structural options, which means they can be installed for all sorts of reasons across a number of different spaces. It’s hard to find another option that offers so much flexibility and adaptability.

Great Affordability

A fence installation can be an expensive endeavor, and we understand that you might be looking to limit the amount that you’re spending – money can be pretty tight nowadays! Fortunately, vinyl fencing represents a really affordable option. The upfront cost you’ll pay to have a vinyl fence installed isn’t as high as some of the other material options on the market, and due to the minimal upkeep that you’ll have to carry out over the years, the costs stay low.